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Are you a guidance and counselling professional in Nigeria? or you manage a school that provides guidance and counselling services to your students? Take advantage of our up to date academic guidance and counselling database to provide top notch guidance and counselling services. Find out here...

Training and education

We provide free and paid training packages for academic guidance and counselling professionals in Nigeria. Take advantage of our latest training packages. Find out here....

We provide onsite counselling education to primary, secondary and tertiary students in Nigeria. Arrange for paid or free talks as part of guidance and counselling activities for your students. Find out here....

Archival services

Do you have student records that you want to archive? Our archival services allows you to electronically store critical student records - awards, certificate, broadsheets, attendances, etc - for future reference and extends the IT facilities of your institution. Find out here...


Do you have any school project or guidance and counselling related activity you need assistance with planning, organizing, controlling, implementing, diagnosing, researching, documenting (digitally or manually), reporting or publicizing? Take advantage of our guidance and counselling consulting services to bring your project to live. Find out here.....

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