Samadata Services has recently launched two unique databases that are so valuable to individuals and educational institutions who may not be aware of these services. Resellers are urgently needed to get the word out to the public to take advantage of these services.

Products for resale

Accolade database

Our accolade database is the first of its kind in Nigeria that allows individuals and institutions to document their awards, prizes and achievements for free in a database that preserves the memories of their success in a way that considers their right to privacy while allowing others to search out their achievements using modern database tools. Read details of this database here We need resellers to encourage clients purchase media services along with documenting their achievements.

STUDAM database

Our STUDAM database is another first of its kind in Nigeria that allows educational institutions to digitize, analyze and archive student performance data using modern database tools. It reduces cost, risk and loss of student performance data to theft, misplacement, wear and tear and limited/lack of analysis of those valuable data. Read details of our STUDAM database here We need resellers to reach out to educational institutions of all sizes to take advantage of the benefits of this database.

Responsibilities of resellers

Accolade database

Resellers are responsible for:

1. Tracking down all activities for which awards, prizes and recognitions are given at/from educational institutions.

2. Contact school authorities to contact parents/guardians or awardees to offer them permanent storage of memories of their awards and accolades (awards, prizes, recognitions, graduations etc.) in our database.

3. Take pictures, videos or other media by yourself or ask awardees or their representatives for their media to be uploaded along with their accolade profile.

4. Awardees or their representatives sign a form, provide a government issued ID and make payment. Reseller uploads awardee media and documentation into our database.

5. Reseller gets paid 40 percent of listed price.

STUDAM database

Resellers are responsible for:

1. Map out all primary and secondary schools or other educational institutions of all sizes in your locality.

2. Highlight the value of digitizing, analysis and archiving student performance data to the school authority.

3.  School authority signs our contract by completing a request on our website. Reseller helps schools complete this form and indicates in the remarks section that the school was referred by a reseller.

4. Reseller gets paid for 40 percent of listed price.

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