Purpose of accolade database

The purpose of our unique accolade database - the first in Nigeria - is designed for a simple goal - immortalize your personal hard-earned achievements and promote educational institutions (primary, secondary and tertiary institutions) through their achievements. 

For individuals, consider that you worked hard to earn your achievements, you were celebrated in the presence of your classmates, school mates, family and friends, then what? Allow it to be remembered no more? That is not fair on your hard work. Inspire others with your achievements, let others know about your achievements and learn from it, take pleasure in them and be thanked forever for them. Leave lasting memories for your generations and posterity. This is the aim of our accolade database - to bring you pleasure now and to your loved ones into eternity. 

For institutions, you spent a lot of money and other resources organizing a graduation ceremony, induction ceremony, quiz competitions, matriculation, recognition parties or seminars where you gave awards, prizes and accolades to deserving winners. Then what? Why not warehouse digital recordings of the awards, prizes and recognitions you gave out to students, teachers and others in an organized and secure database so that you cannot only make reference to it but it forms part of your institution's marketing mix when others read about the awards and prizes (but not the pictures and videos for privacy reasons) of your awardees? This is an important benefit of our accolade database for institutions.

Benefits of accolade database

1. Brings back fun memories of your hard-earned achievements that brings you joy and pleasure.

2. Inspires others to achieve based on documented evidence from your achievements.

3. Promotes your educational institution as an institution that wins awards based on documented evidence of institutional awards accruing to the institution.

4. Makes it easier for scholarship bodies, assessment bodies, government agencies to verify your claims in your Resume when you are older.

5. Provides a reference for your children and future generations to see your achievements forever.

6. Attracts potential students to your educational institution.

7. Protects your awards and pictures from theft, loss and misplacement through an online backup.

8. Memories of your award is not lost even where your educational institution is no more in existence.  

How it works

1. Read about the accolade database on this page.

2. Fill the correct form below depending on whether you want to submit an accolade (depositor) or as a subscriber.

3. If submitting your accolade, your accolade profile is created for free within 3-5 working days with the information received about your achievements where it meets our requirements. If you want your media (pictures, videos and other media) to be created along with your accolade profile please see our friendly pricing below. Note that ONLY YOU/PROFILE DEPOSITING THE ACCOLADE/THOSE DESIGNATED BY YOU can view your media (pictures, videos and other media). If you want others to access your media (maximum of two persons), please email us their email addresses and full names to

4. Register an account with us at to have access to our database. 

6. Log into the database to view your created accolade profile for free. Subscribe (see pricing below) to view other people's profiles in your village, local government area, State, region or across the country.

Access to the database - depositing your accolades

You can deposit your achievements into our database for free by filling the form at the end of this page (acceptable media types are jpg, png and gif). Acceptable achievements into our database include "award of excellence" certificate presentations, "interhouse sports prizes", "certificates and awards from quiz and other competitions" and other academic awards achieved by individuals from primary to tertiary education. All prizes and awards given to educational institutions (primary, secondary and tertiary) are acceptable into our accolade database as institutional awards. To facilitate a successful submission into our database, you must provide the following:

a. Evidence the award event existed/organized  (poster of event, invitation letter (letter headed with full contact information of organizers)  to the event, program/agenda of events during the award ceremony, and any other unique documentation indicating you/your educational institution were invited to that award event)

b. Evidence that you/your institution were given an award (picture of being handed an award by a presenter, picture of you/institution carrying a plague/certificate with your/institution name on it, picture of the certificate itself, letter headed letter/documentation communicating you/institution have been given an award with full and verifiable contact information of organizers, or any other unique information indicating you have been given an award.

c. A copy of a government issued identification to confirm your name (birth certificate, national identity card-NIN, drivers license, voters card, international passport, and change of name -females only if now married). Educational institutions should provide evidence of government recognition if not a government-owned school. This is required for our internal verification and will not be posted as part of your media profile.

Snap or scan all documentation and media and upload with the form below (contact if you have any difficulty sending us your information). 

Access to the database - subscribers

You must first register on our website before you can access accolade profiles (click here to register) before you come back to this page to make your payment.

After payment, you will be redirected to the login page to access the accolade database. Make allowance for one or two hours to start accessing your desired profiles. 

Please note that any name search that does not return any results means that such a person has not submitted any accolade for registration or such a submission is awaiting verification by our team. 

Subscribers pay to view deposited profiles and are categorized into:

1. Bronze (view profile within your local government area)

2. Silver (view profiles with your State) 

3. Gold (view profiles within your region (North, South, East and West of Nigeria) 

4. Platinum (view profiles across Nigeria).


Depositors of accolades


1. Create an accolade profile of yourself/educational institution

2. Create a media (maximum 5MB) profile and integrate with your accolade profile

Pricing - Individual (Naira)


N1,100 per accolade (pay here)**

Pricing - Institutional (Naira)

Free (up to 5 accolades)*

N2,100 per accolade (pay here)**



BRONZE - view accolade profiles within your local government area

SILVER - view accolade profiles within your registered State of origin

GOLD - view accolade profiles within your region (North, South, East or West)

PLATINUM - view accolade profiles nationwide

Pricing/month - Individual (Naira)





Pricing/month- Institutional (Naira)






If you encounter any difficulty, please seek assistance by emailing


Complete this section if individual awardee

All images should be a maximum of 5MB per individual/institutional accolade and in acceptable formats - 'jpg', 'png' or 'gif'.

* Although creating your accolade profile is free, you must upload available media files/documentation (pictures, letters, videos, etc.) for us to verify the authenticity of the award event and determine whether to accept or reject you deposition. 

** No refunds after payment as this is a digital product.

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